What a Week!

Wow! What a week! We started off with Mrs. Tonner's Talent Day. 
Which included: Drone flying...
 Solo singing...
 And a stand up swinger!
 On Tuesday we had our field trip to the zoo...
         Thanks for all the parent help!
                                                                                                Sunshine in the eyes! Yea!

 Here are my two favorites: Zebras and Red Pandas!

       We were blessed to get a free ride on the carousal! What a great bonus!

 Snack time...
 We walked past the sea lion exhibit just in time to watch the show!

 Log Ride!
 Lunch time was chilly, but thankfully, while we were in the zoo it felt pretty good:)

 Our fearless leaders...
 Back in our classroom on Thursday, we did some measuring in Math using our centimeter rulers...

 The students also received their prizes for filling up our Blurt Bean Jar....and we finished out our day with Veggie Tales and popcorn because they filled up their Memory work charts! Whew! 
I think that's finally all...have a great weekend!


The students were finally able to have outside recess this week! Bring on the sunshine! Those warm rays are exactly what our Science experiment needs! We planted Lily bulbs in both water and dirt and set them in the sun to find out which will flourish!



One of the favorite Phonics Centers we have is this game...4 in a Row. It's great for practice with silent E words:)
During Math we opened a Candy Store and practiced counting pennies, nickels, and dimes...

 Studying children from around the world has been a lot of fun! This week we "went" to the Netherlands where we learned of their famous cheese market as well as their delicious chocolate...of course, it was important that we have samples;) (The closest I could come was Swiss chocolate, but they didn't seem to mind!)

 Social Studies also taught us that Holland is famous for their windmills. We made our own pinwheels and talked about the power of wind...this also correlated with the spring weather we are having!
How many kids can fit around our smallest table?!? Apparently, all of them!

Spring is Here!

I've added a few new centers to our Reading Stations. I think our kites helped bring in the warm, spring weather!

 She is hard at work finding the correct vowel sound...those tricky silent E's!
 We've also completed some testing in Phonics and Reading...I've found that the hallway provides less distractions:)

We completed our study of England by having "Tea Time". We steeped our tea bags and added a spoonful of honey. The class decided they liked tea much better than the coffee from our Peru study!

 Of course we couldn't have tea time without "biscuits"...ask your students if they remember what biscuits are in England! (While you're at it, ask them about "bobbies" as well;)
   A short reading break before lunch...

 Spring is a perfect time to learn about rain clouds! In Science we discussed how clouds form and what happens when they become too heavy...


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