delays, cancellations, & eLearning...oh my!

I can't believe how many days we've been out of our routine....This weather is really messing with my schedule! Anyhow, here is a recap of the past 2 weeks:
 In Social Studies we learned how influential Abraham Lincoln was in making our country what it is today. After learning that he grew up in a log cabin we......
 Made log structures out of pretzels!

 We also  played with Lincoln Logs!

 They finished filling up their memory work charts, and the students voted to have an ice cream party!

 Lastly, in Health this week the Firsties learned about water and boat safety. Then they designed  their own boats and tried to float them:)

Starting our New Year off Right!

One of our favorite things to do is to take a "brain break". Here they are, using stuffed animals during the "Beanie Bag Dance"!

 In Social Studies this week we learned about Benjamin Franklin and how he discovered electricity in lighting. To help us remember him the Firsties and Kinders both made kites to fly!

 Firsties learned about car and bus safety during Health this week. Then we did a STEM project, making Lego cars powered by balloons!


We learned a little about Haitian traditions and made a drink called "Kremas". (The recipe is found on LSM's website.)

 We had some mixed reviews, but for the most part it was well liked!
Our study of the "Sense of Touch" led us to play with water beads! Always a favorite:)

 Science is so cool!

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