Classroom Visitors!

 Our first visitor of the week was Nurse Cassie!

She did a great job explaining how nurses help take care of our bodies!

Selah and Cassie both brought some stethoscopes for the kids to fun, thanks!

Kinders are hard at work...
and here is some extra fun work...writing letters in shaving cream!
Thanks for giving them the letter sounds, Luci!

During Math we practiced shorter, taller and longer, with some blocks...

We also learned about dentists this week and painted some sparkly, clean teeth!
Firsties received our second vistor...Audrey! She taught us all about tooth care.

Kinders sifted through some waterbeads to find my letters...
then they sorted them by vowel or consonant.

Lastly, we learned about our eyes during Science, and had fun making colorful spy glasses.

Lots of Smiles!

Both grades did a wonderful job with our assessment testing this week!

During Social Studies we learned about teachers...I chose not to bring in a guest for this community helper😂
We listened to the book, "My Teacher is a Monster", and then made our own symmetrical monsters!

Don't worry... our class decided that Mrs. Leman and myself, are NOT monsters!

We also talked about doctors this week. I showed them a few examples of x-rays, and then we made our own! (Really wish I would have thought to use our "dad doctor"... maybe next year, Todd!)
Bonus Question: Can you find the screw in my son's finger?

We had so much fun watching the storm roll in on Wednesday!

We also had fun making sock puppets during Health. Getting enough rest is important, and it's always better to have something to snuggle with!

Thanks for the beautiful flowers!
Picture Day!

We started off strong, but by the end...well...😆
We learned about hair during Science this week. Here are our creative faces, with yarn hair!

We are so thankful for all the dads who sacrifice their time to come into school and pray to start our day! 

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