spirit week!

 Really, the name of this post should be "Pictures"! Get ready for an eyeful of Spirit Week in our classroom!

Mismatch Day!
   Our own classroom store...

                                        Crazy hair / hat day!

                                                    Favorite Character Day!
Mr. Steffen and Asher:) (Just in case you thought the president was really here!)

                                                     Camo / Princess Day! 
                      Shoe tying is going great!
More work was done on our auction sign!
We read the book "Leaf Man" and made our own critters!

We had some guests for Show and Tell!

   We did a Sink or Float Science and made boats out of gourds. (Thanks Beth F.!)

 The Firsties worked really hard on a skit for class competition!

The Performance...

Baking and Creating!

This week in Social Studies we talked about Bakers! We became Bakers by making brownies and we visited a bakery-Kroger!






We read the book - "The Pumpkin Patch Parable" and carved a pumpkin like the farmer in the story!
 Here is a sneak peek of the sign we are making to sell in the auction....

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