Coffee and a Good Book! (that's my kind of week!)

No Shoe Day! We had kids in slippers, kids in socks, kids with bare feet, and shockingly a child with shoes!
 Apparently no shoes = act silly!
 Monday was our last day to learn about Mexico. We made maracas and learned about mariachi bands. 
 In honor of Reading Month we did a guided drawing of The Cat in the Hat. This was the first guided drawing we have much fun! Check out our hallway to see how great they turned out!

 In Math we broke out the M&M's again to work on subtraction! Of course this required us to eat a few;)

In Social Studies we moved from Mexico to Peru. We took an "airplane" ride to Peru to find out more and we learned that instead of soy beans, they farm coffee beans!
 So we used coffee beans to make some artwork...
 And we ground up coffee beans in our class to brew
 some coffee...
 Some of the students were brave enough to eat a coffee bean...that didn't turn out so well!!!
 Lastly, they all tried to drink a little bit of black coffee...I think their expressions say it all!

 Finally! The end of the day Thursday we had our Book Swap!

KA Fiesta!

In honor of Reading Month we have put up a new bulletin board in the hallway that is based on Dr. Seuss's book, "Oh the Places You'll Go!" Here is a sneak peak of what you will find...

 I think the highlight of the week was learning about Mexican Fiestas. The students had a great time making and filling their own pinatas!

 They also loved breaking open our big star pinata! They discovered that it was much easier to break when they were not blindfolded:)

 I've added a new reading chair to our classroom this week...they ALL love it! It is not actually big enough for 5 students, but they had fun trying anyway!

 We tried a new "Brain Break" song today..."Animal Actions". My favorite was when they all tried to move like a snake!
 Our Science this week was all about electricity. We split into two teams and they did a great job working together with our Snap Circuit Makers.

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