Little teachers and learners!

This week in class we had some guest "teachers"! My Kinders were able to become the teacher and quiz their peers on vowel sounds! (I might be out of a job soon;)

 Picture Day!!!

 The Kindergartners learned a new game in Math...
"Left-Right-Center"! The purpose, of course, is to practice our left and our right.
 In First Grade Health the students learned about posture...hence the books on heads!

 After walking regularly with books, we decided to set up an obstacle course to try while keeping our good posture:)

 Inchworm Race! We raced inchworms across our chalkboard to get to the giant apple (please pardon the poor artwork)...the worms moved when the students correctly said their letter sounds:)
 Science taught us that God created us all with different types of hair. We made our own plate heads, complete with yarn hair!

Our First Field Trip of the Year!

Our first field trip was a great success! I was so thankful that we did not need to cancel because of the fog delay! I'll let the pictures tell the story of our day:)

 The rest of our week was filled as Math the Kinders were practicing numbers while going "fishing"!

First Grade is working their reading stamina!
In Health they made pillows to rest on after reading about how our bodies need plenty of rest to stay healthy!

The Kindergartners are doing really well with their vowels! Here they are slithering like snakes to find the correct vowel sounds in the words I gave them!

Lastly, in Science we talked about our unique fingerprints and did some fingerprint stamping...sorry for the colorful fingers!

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