Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins!

You can tell fall is here when everywhere you look you see pumpkins! (My personal favorite is the Pumpkin Latte;) This week we have spent a lot of time learning about pumpkins, reading about pumpkins, and even visiting a pumpkin farm. So, once again, pardon my picture obsession.....

They listened to a lesson about how pumpkins grow and were able to hold baby chicks!

They also got to feed the goats and a donkey some corn and played a few bean bag toss games!

Popcorn and apple cider for a snack:)

In Science we carved a pumpkin and talked about being like the pumpkin and letting our lights shine for Jesus!
Unrelated to pumpkins but also a part of our week....

We missed Mrs. Tonner for music class, but filled in the time by singing around the piano and playing musical chairs...as a side note...IT'S A BOY! CONGRATS Mrs. Tonner and Clayton!

We had some special guests for show and tell...Shiloh's kittens!

Lastly, the entire school was invited down to the cafeteria to watch the Middle School Science Fair!
They did a great job and I think the Kindergartners really enjoyed watching!

Restaurants and worms:)

I have been slowly incorporating learning "stations" into our Reading everyday. This involves one-on-reading time with me along with working as partners in "stations" that focus on phonics and reading skills.  

This is a word family station that uses mailboxes for sorting words and below is a word building station.
 The kids are doing a wonderful job staying on task with this new independence!

We spent some time this week making fall decorations for our classroom! These newspaper leaves will be made into garland and hung up all around the room.

 In Social Studies we discussed restaurant workers. Mrs Girod was kind enough to let us use her classroom for our "restaurant". The Kindergartners took turns playing the different roles of restaurant workers...waiter, cook, and costumer were the most popular! 

 Finally, and in my opinion, the highlight the week...we painted with worms! Our topic in Science was Alive vs. Not Alive, so I chose to use earthworms vs. gummy worms for our project. 
SO MUCH FUN! (and a little gross)
Lucky for me I have some brave students who carried the worms for me!

 After the worms had sufficiently wiggled around and covered their paper with paint, we used gummy worms to paint our own pictures. 

Two More Guests!

We started off our week by making cards for a local veteran. He will be taking part in the "Honor Flight" for veterans next month and our school was asked to make cards for him to receive while on this "flight".

We used this opportunity to learn about veterans and how the helped to protect our country!

In Bible we read about the tower of Babel, listened to some songs in other languages, and built our own towers while trying not to communicate with each other. We found out it is much easier if we are able to understand and talk to each other!

In Social Studies we learned about dentists and had special guest, Audrey Reinhard, come in to visit our class. She was great! She showed the kids a powerpoint about healthy habits and talked to them about how to take care of our teeth.

           The kids really loved practicing brushing their teeth with the model that Audrey brought in!

She even brought "teeth" for the class to paint!

                                     Our second guest of the week was Mrs. Susan! She came into our
                                             classroom and read to the Kindergarten and Pre-school!

Lastly, we had a Birthday to celebrate in our class today! Bree! She got to wear our birthday hat and we played the "Goofy Hat Dance" game together! Lots of fun and giggles all around:)

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