rockets and waves and volcanos...oh my!

Kinders started our week off by playing my "Reading Rockets" game...

 It ended in a tie;)
 We also spent some time with our new "Reading Railroad"!
 During Social Studies they learned about oceans and continents.
 Then we made ocean paintings!

 Such great waves!
The Firsties practiced spelling words at different spelling stations...

 As a fun fall science project, we made pumpkin volcanos!
 They did not love the smell of vinegar!

 Our "Grace Girls" lost the same tooth!
 Miss Susan came to visit again!
 Lastly, this week we learned about Christopher Columbus and his brave adventure from Spain with 3 ships!
 Here are our Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria's!

2019 Spirit Week!

This week was full of fun and excitement! 
 Monday- Princess and Camo Day...
 We finished up our auction project!
 Tuesday - Crazy Day!

 Tuesday was also the day we combined with Mrs. Girod's class and allowed the Firsties to join us!

 During Social Studies we learned about Indiana...
 Wednesday - Animal Day!

 We also tried out a new "Train Game". Mrs. Aschliman made it for our class...Thanks!!

 In Health, Firsties learned how their noses help them.
 We made Kool-aid playdough to go along with our lesson!

 Thursday - Identical Day!

Lastly, the Firsties did a great job during Class Competition! 2nd Place:)

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