Pajamas and Pine Needles

We started off our week with our Pajama Day! It was a fun way to reward these Kindergartners for all their hard work!                          (We missed you Bree!)

In Social Studies we learned about America our great country and the state we live in...Indiana!

                                                  In Math we learned to tell time to the hour...

In Science we discussed lots of different types of Christmas trees. We used our senses to touch and smell several types of pine branches and we even painted pictures with them!

We missed both Bree and Maeley today and are looking forward to having a full class again on Monday!

Giving Thanks for our Class!

This week in class we had 2 birthdays...Wade and Logan!

The Goofy Hat Song!

 In Social Studies we learned about Indians and how they helped the Pilgrims that first Thanksgiving.
We had a lot of fun making our Indian vests and headbands!

                          The highlight of our two-day week was the Thanksgiving Feast!

They did a great job with the green beans!

Thanks to all of the family members who came and made it a special time for the students!

Pre-Thanksgiving Fun!

We finished our unit on "Community Helpers" in Social Studies and started a new unit called, " America our Great Country". To begin the unit we learned about Christopher Columbus and how he discovered America by sailing right to it! 

We made boats out of gourds and decided they did not sail as good as the Nina, the Pinta, or the Santa Maria!
The globe was helpful in showing how far Christopher sailed.        

Next we learned about Pilgrims and how brave they were!

In Phonics we talked about alphabetical order and the kids arranged themselves from A-G.

We had a great time at recess on Tuesday and enjoyed the leaves and the sunshine!

Lastly, this week we had a great discussion about the things we are thankful for and made turkey place-mats to remind us of them all!

I even had lots of helpers to laminate the place-mats!

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