"Christmas Time's A Comin'!"

Their "journey" to find the shepherd boy is still a highlight of the day! 

In Social Studies this week learned about Hawaii...which is ironic because of all the snow we got!

Making Leis!

 I have some very willing helpers when it comes to our classroom jobs! (Trash Collector & Gardener)

During Bible we had fun reenacting the Battle of Jericho with our block cities! 
                                                       I'm sorry for the window blocking!

We changed things up on Thursday and instead of doing our usual work pages for Handwriting, we wrote about some melting snowmen... check our our hallway for their art work!

In Math we learned about ordinal numbers and putting objects from smallest to largest while we made Construction Paper Christmas Trees...

We are looking forward to a Christmas filled week next week!

Christmas is in the air!

On Monday we started by meeting our little shepherd boy and reading "The Shepherd on the Search" by Josh and Lindsey Helms. If you have never heard of this book, it is very similar to Elf on the Shelf, except with a Christian viewpoint and no magic involved...just me hiding the shepherd boy and the kids having a great time finding him.
 Every morning the kids get to go on a "journey" to find our shepherd boy, just like the shepherds did to find baby Jesus in a manger!
Decorating our classroom for Christmas was a large part of our week. We made.....
Snowflake ornaments for our classroom tree.

Paper chains to hang around our classroom and tree.


We also made snow globe decorations for our hallway bulletin board.

Hard at work on Handwriting!
                        In Social Studies we learned about Eskimos and made "snow" to play in!

Lastly, this week we had another visit from Mrs. Susan...she had a great Christmas theme!

Pajamas and Pine Needles

We started off our week with our Pajama Day! It was a fun way to reward these Kindergartners for all their hard work!                          (We missed you Bree!)

In Social Studies we learned about America our great country and the state we live in...Indiana!

                                                  In Math we learned to tell time to the hour...

In Science we discussed lots of different types of Christmas trees. We used our senses to touch and smell several types of pine branches and we even painted pictures with them!

We missed both Bree and Maeley today and are looking forward to having a full class again on Monday!

Giving Thanks for our Class!

This week in class we had 2 birthdays...Wade and Logan!

The Goofy Hat Song!

 In Social Studies we learned about Indians and how they helped the Pilgrims that first Thanksgiving.
We had a lot of fun making our Indian vests and headbands!

                          The highlight of our two-day week was the Thanksgiving Feast!

They did a great job with the green beans!

Thanks to all of the family members who came and made it a special time for the students!

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