Our Senses in Action!

In Social Studies this week we learned about Veterinarians! We even made our own doctor/vet kits:)

 In Health and in Science we studied the sense of smell. The Firsties had a smelling test as well as a taste test in Health....

 Some things smell good - cinnamon & vanilla...others smell awful - vinegar and onions!
 We used Starbursts for our taste test...yum!
Scratch and Sniff painting!

Birthday Girl!

 The Middle School Science Fair...

  Special Guests for Show and Tell!
 Thanks Pfisters!

at the farm!

Sometimes at the end of our day we have time for learning centers. This week we played with our marble run and our magnets!

Steele Farm! (Feel free to speed scroll through these...)

Our class made a couple of prayer boxes for the Global Missionary Adventure day this Sunday...

Wednesday the Firefighter Phil program came to school!

The Firsties made instruments for Health...our ears are amazing!

We had a special guest for show and tell this week!

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